Sports teams, business teams or fun teams - discover your full potential with one of our unique team building programmes.

Using the outdoors as a medium, our programmes are designed to test your skills.

We have two team focussed categories, which one you chose will depend on what you would like to achieve from the day

Team Bonding - consisting of a selection of land or water based activities (or a bit of both!) occurs in a relaxed, stress - free atmosphere where your team can feel comfortable to break the ice and form relationships with those around them, in a fun and informal way! Our Robot Wipeout Inflatable aqua park is a very popular activity which we can build into your day.

Team Building - this involves problem solving and physical tasks designed to challenge your team in a fun competitive environment. Our custom made programmes use the challenge of the outdoors to develop teamwork and leadership skills that can be transferred effectively into the workplace. Let our experienced staff put your team through a day or half day of team challenges which are sure to be the talk of the coffee breaks for some time!

Your challenges can be based on the water, or on dry land, or a mix of the two. A full day can comprise of team challenges followed by one of our adventure activities, which is a good way to finish off the day on a fun and positive note.

Contact us for further details, and we will design a day to suit the needs of your group. 051 383783