Our purpose built 100 linear metre caving system is operational all year round, in all weather, and suitable for both adults and children to experience the thrill of caving in a safe, fun environment.

The caves consist of a mine entrance, rock realistic passageways, chambers and sumps that fully replicate the ones in real caves! Think of vertical and horizontal squeezes, boulder fields, ball pool sumps, waiting chambers and complete internal theming with fossils and ammonites. We even have sound effects to add to your experience!

To add to your experience, you will be initially briefed in a chamber with unique exterior lava theming, including a short trial section to give you the feel of what lies ahead.

We also use our caves for team-building purposes, with a unique slant you won't experience anywhere else! - example: find the stars and fossils within the cave to gain points for your team!

Dunmore Adventure
Dunmore Adventure

Who are the caves for?

The caves are ideal for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Stag & Hen activities
  • Schools and Youth groups
  • Family fun
  • Now included in our Summer Adventure Camp line up!
  • Sports Clubs
  • Company team building