Dunmore EastEnders!

4 Apr 2016

We are all stoked about the new Eastenders spin off 'Red Water' which will be filmed this May and June in Dunmore East! Auditions for extras were held last week in Dunmore, and it looked like the entire village was there, including hopefulls from all over Ireland.

The complete six part series will be aired at prime time on BBC starting in September, and if successful could spell out a further five series.

The series follows the Moons as Kat and Alfie travel to Ireland to find Kats long lost son. The village will be transformed into a village called 'Red Water' which will feature many familiar parts of our beloved town, and some new ones also. There will be an Adventure Centre, slightly relocated from where we are, but with familiar equipment!

We will keep you up to date with progress, through our Facebook page - Awrite luvvy??? :)