Water Sports Benefit your Mind and Body!

13 Mar 2015

It’s that time of year where the days are starting to get longer, and we have a nice stretch in the evenings. It’s also that time of year when many are thinking about losing the few pounds that tend to accumulate in the winter. Going to the gym not working for you?

Research has proven that some of the fittest and happiest people are in the water- and its official!

Research from Bayler University Medical Centre has proven that people who workout doing watersports enjoy their fitness regime more than those that workout on dry land – but why?

  • There is low impact resistance in water sports
  • Water keeps you from fatiguing, so you can exercise for longer resulting in bigger and better fitness gains
  • Getting fit using a Stand Up Paddle Board, for example, requires balance and stability, which improves core fitness
  • Water sports take place in picturesque surroundings, where you are at one with nature, calming the mind, and relieving stress.

So what water sports give you the best workout?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a true, total body workout. It requires you to perform a balancing act that engages the pillar muscles of the hips, shoulders and core. Using your hip flexors, core, shoulders and triceps, you transfer the force from the water up through your entire body

You don’t need waves for Paddle boarding so it can be done all year round, all you need for the colder Irish winter weather is a wetsuit and you’re sorted!


A great way to relieve stress, while getting fit at the same time, kayaking is a very rewarding water sport that provides the basis for a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Putting your paddle in the water and completing a good stroke basically incorporates every muscle in the upper body and some lower body muscles as well.

The best thing about Kayaking is that the basic skills can be learned in a day or two, and you can have fun perfecting those skills and learning new ones for years!

Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy sailing is fun, fast and wet! It’s a hugely popular water sport.

Sailing is not only a great water sport to do with your friends and family while on holiday, but also has some great benefits for the mind and body.

Did you ever wonder how you sleep so soundly when you visit the coast? Its because of the sea air! Sea air is charged with healthy negative ions, that accelerate our ability to absorb oxygen, which is why after a sailing adventure, you will feel more alert, relaxed, and energized.

Hanging off the side of the boat builds your, core, arm and leg muscles. Sailing also improves you’re balance and concentration, developing hand-eye co-ordination when helming (steering).

Stand up Paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing, are only three examples of water sports that can improve your fitness and health, there are many more, and as Ireland is an Island nation, you will never be far away from a school or club that will enable you to get on the water. So stop thinking about it, and get out there!

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