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Child Safeguarding

At Dunmore Adventure Centre, safety is our number one priority.

All of our staff have completed a Child Safeguarding course to ensure that every child is protected from harm and neglect. We make sure all of our staff and volunteers understand their responsibilities in protecting the children, from preventing physical and emotional harm, safeguarding their online safety, and recognising signs of neglect. Every staff member practices the highest standards of safety management so all our guests can have the best possible experience at our Adventure Centre.

Child Safe Guarding

Child Safeguarding Statement

Dunmore Adventure is an Adventure centre offering the sport of sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, archery, Stand up Paddle Boarding, Aquapark, Climbing and powerboating, Camps, School Tours and Team Building in Co. Waterford and it provides various sporting activities and opportunities for young people and adults through participation in these activities

Dunmore Adventure details:

Name: Dunmore East Adventure Centre Ltd
Sport: Sailing, Windsurfing and Powerboating
Location: The Harbour, Dunmore East, Co Waterford
Size: SME employing up to 50 staff in high season
Activities: Kayaking, Sailing, SUP, Aquapark, Powerboating, Climbing, Archery, Windsurfing, Summer Camps, School Tours, Group tours and Team Building.

Dunmore Adventure is committed to safeguarding children and by working under the guidance of our Safeguarding Policies our staff, both volunteers and employed, working with our young people, throughout the organisation, seek to create a safe environment for young people to grow and develop within sport. The following set of principles are adhered to:

  • Importance of childhood – The importance of childhood is understood and valued by everyone involved in our sport.
  • Needs of the child – All children’s sport experiences is guided by what is best for children. This means that adults have a basic understanding of the emotional, physical and personal needs of young people.
  • Integrity in relationships – Adults interacting with children in sport are in a position of trust and influence. They should always ensure that children are treated with integrity and respect, and the self-esteem of young people is enhanced.
  • Fair Play – All children’s sport should be conducted in an atmosphere of fair play. The principles of fair play should always be emphasised, and organisers should give clear guidelines regarding acceptable standards of behaviour.
  • Quality atmosphere & ethos – Children’s sport should be conducted in a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere.
  • Equality – All children are valued and treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of ability, age, gender, religion, social and ethnic background or political persuasion.

Dunmore Adventure written Risk Assessment document indicates the areas of potential risk of harm, the likelihood of the risk occurring, and gives the required policy, guidance or process required to alleviate these risks. The list of risks identified and procedures to manage these risks are contained below:

Risk identifiedProcedure in place to manage identified risk
The child may be subject to harm from other children on activitiesAdequate staff supervision to limit the risk of harm to children whilst on activities.
The child may be subject to harm from staffComprehensive recruitment and vetting are in place. All instructors must be Garda Vetted prior to starting at Dunmore Adventure. 1 to 1 interaction with children is restricted.
Children on Summer Camp going home with an unauthorised adultChildren are not authorised to leave camp until a parent arrives to pick them up. Supervision of children participating in our Summer Camps is from drop-off to pick-up.
Children on Summer Camp leaving the premisesCamp gate is kept closed at all times. Camp
area is monitored by CCTV.

The Risk Assessment was undertaken on 4th July 2022.

Rupert Musgrave
Safeguarding Officer and Designated Liaison Officer
Dunmore East Adventure Centre
051 383783

Dunmore Adventure has the following procedures in place as part of our Safeguarding Policies:

  • Procedures for the management of allegations of abuse or misconduct by staff or volunteers against a child availing of our activities. Procedures for the safe recruitment of staff and volunteers to work with children in our activities.
  • Procedures for access to child safeguarding training and information, including the identification of the occurrence of harm.
  • The National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children Handbook is available for all staff to review in the main Office and Reception.

e recognise that implementation is an ongoing process. Dunmore Adventure is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our activities.

Please note the following:

  • That all staff, instructors, and coaches have been furnished with a copy of this statement.
  • This statement is available to parents/guardians, and members of the public on request.
  • This statement will be displayed on our website and on public display in the centre.


This Child Statement will be reviewed every 12 months or as soon as practicable after there has been a material change in any matter to which the statement refers.

Signed: Rupert Musgrave Date: 4 th July 2022

Designated Liaison Officer for Dunmore Adventure
Phone no: 051 383783

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