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Advanced Sailing Level 4 – Week 2

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Get ready to sail like a pro with our exciting Advanced Boat Handling Course - Week 2!
Minimum age: 13 years

Master advanced boat handling and tuning skills for confident sailing in strong winds. Week 2 of a 2 week course.

We keep an eye on your progress throughout the course. Additionally, your instructor might conduct a formal practical assessment of your boat handling skills, along with a brief written test or an informal interview to gauge your background knowledge.

We will coach you in rigging and sailing a boat like a pro! 

You will learn how to recognize and apply the following techniques to optimize your boat/rig for specific conditions: Mast rake, rig tension, spreader length & angle, mast ram/chocks.

You’ll demonstrate proficiency in all skills covered in the ‘Sailing Manoeuvres’ section of the Basic Skills course, even in strong winds, you’ll learn to set up and maintain control of the boat while its on a plan, plus, you’ll perform effective roll tacks in any wind strength and execute smooth roll gybes in all conditions.

Ready to sail with confidence in strong winds? Join us for this course and become a sailing superstar!

As with all of our courses, all equipment is supplied (wetsuit, buoyancy aid, boat!), but you are welcome to wear your own wetsuit if you have one.

This course is fully accredited with Irish Sailing.

Course Pre-requisites:

Pre-booking essential
Participants must be able to swim

Pre-requisites: Have completed sailing Advanced Boat Handling – Week 1 or 20 hours sailing at helm within 3 months prior of the course.

Duration: 5 days
Minimum age: 13 yrs

Course dates: TBC

Daily times: 9.30am – 3pm

Course price: €320

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